Custom Puzzles

Your own custom puzzles! High quality and laminted.

4" X 6" Laminated Puzzle, 20 pieces
(various sizes available, see below)

25 • $174.31
50 • $314.22

Please inquire about other quantities, prices get lower as the quantity gets higher!

Also available... puzzles in 6x8", 8x12", 11x14" and 12x18"!

Please inquire about puzzle pricing, we're still working on our standard rates!

500 Business Cards
Printed and shipped for $79
16pt double sided with UV gloss
1,000 Tri-Fold Brochures
Printed and delivered for $240
100lb Gloss book with AQ gloss
1,000 Plastic Business Cards
Printed and shipped for $225
Durable plastic business cards!
1,000 2"x3.5" Magnets
Printed and shipped for $239.99
Custom designed magnets with UV gloss